November 06, 2008

What, again?

You know I don't usually wax political, and I particularly hate to do so twice in a row. Partly that's because I can't compete in the deep end of the B'og (I hate, I hate, I hate the triteness of "blogosphere" as much as I hate the tired, asinine "surfing the web" ... high school students are taught that research is a matter of "browsing" and "surfing" ... never reading or digesting. There's no depth. Surfing is all about avoiding depth, correct? If you experience depth while surfing, you're doing it wrong. See how hard it is to avoid these damned internet cliches? At least I can spell better than my cats can!). And partly it's because I'm a lover, not a fighter. What can I say?

Anyhow, usually I'd rather read Whiskey Fire than talk about politics. Every now and then the man says what I didn't even know I was thinking, as, for instance, here.

(Clockwise from 2:00: Gus (yawning), Riley, and The Doctor.)

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