November 07, 2008

Four years ago

Four years ago this song came out, and it got into my head. I'm not too sure about the visuals presented here, but the song's the thing, so listen.

This is as close to a gloat as I'll get, so high five me now.

I'm posting from Louisville, with a bunch of old friends around, but it seems strange not to have the actual Louisville friends around.

EDIT: To be clear, I don't think the clips in the video represent the song very well, and they don't necessarily represent my worldview very well either. But it's the first video I found with the studio version of the song. The whole album is strong, though, and you should buy it. I did.


Rosemary said...

Was this actually the official video by Steve Earle, or a bad slideshow by some YouTube fan?

Sometimes the amateur videos are interesting for the kind of interpretive dissonance you suggest in your post. But more often they just seem like random images and film clips strung together without any real narrative. Which is too bad, because the song itself has a strong narrative, and deserves better than...Lenin and the shuffling Russian peasants (?).

Now *there's* a band name for you.

JB said...

I'm pretty sure it is *not* the official Steve Earle video, if there was one.