November 05, 2008

Rational Exuberance

Okay, like most people I know, and like a clear majority of those who voted yesterday, I'm happy with the outcome of the election. But I don't think I'm happy enough. Call it a rational exuberance.

When this campaign began about thirty-seven years ago, I started out supporting the Coiffed Adulterer, but after his withdrawal, which was apparently wasn't soon enough (ha-HAAAA!), I vacillated between the Last Two Democrats, eventually casting my primary vote for the male LTD, the Irish fella O'B, but figuring I'd be happy with either one. When he got the nomination, I was glad more due to the fact that a black guy earned the nomination than because of anything he actually stood for. Had his opponent won (I'm all out of epithets, alas), I would have been glad more due to the fact that a woman won. Also, I got to shake hands with Chelsea ("I remember you well ..."), so that was cool.

Moving forward, as it became clearer and clearer that on the Republican side, "My Friend" didn't have anything to offer except being allegedly a proven leader (?) and "ready" ... ready eight years ago, maybe, ready like a Christmas turkey left in the oven several hours too long because Uncle Virgil got caught in a lake effect snowstorm driving down from Conneaut, Ohio, all dried out and tough and tasteless ... anyhow, as it became clearer that there was no viable alternative, I became more enthusiastic about O'B.

And I'm glad he was elected. But we're in the crapper, country-wise, and it's a long, slippery climb up a steep slope of wet porcelain. This could be the best thing that ever to our country, and I'm glad and still surprised that an African American was elected president. But let's not get smug about it. Remember how long and crappy the 1970s were? We could be in for a lot worse. Certainly radio today makes me long for the days of disco. And that's saying something.

All I'm saying is that there's a long way to go just to get back to where we were. Knock a buck off the price of a gallon of gas, and nobody's talking about alternatives to fossil fuels anymore. I'd love to feel like everything's fine, and I think we're better off today than we would have been if My Friend would have won. But it's a little early to bang the gong, and I'm getting a little tired of people high-fiving me.

I mean, really. Do I look like a high-fiver to you?


Anonymous said...

Had his opponent won (I'm all out of epithets, alas)

How about "the coiffed adulteree" for some parallelism.

Not surprisingly, I agree with your wise insights. But accept high-fives until Friday anyway. Just because.

Security word is "tenesqua."

Tom said...

I wish I were more confident that a coincidental (let's not say fortunate or lucky or well-timed) world financial crisis did not play the deciding role in the recent election. But I sometimes fear that it did.