February 27, 2011

Live Blogging the Oscars?

Come on! No, I'm watching Bob's Burgers on Fox. And it's a rerun which I've seen already. It's an inertia thing, and it's an Oscars thing.

Thought one: all post-Bugs Bunny animation should probably feature Jon Benjamin, because ... oh, wait, it's already happened. It is a little weird to hear the voice of Archer (from Archer, which is brilliant) coming from Bob, but one gets used to it. By the way, I miss Home Movies.

Thought two: the decision--conscious or not--to air the Taco Bell Redemption commercial ("yeah, it's not beef, but it is meat") on a sitcom about a burger joint accused of serving human remains in its ground beef has made my day. My week.

Oh, and do me a favor and check out the Taco Bell website to see whether they're really wearing their heart (or other organ meat of your choice) on their sleeve, or whether they're burying the secret recipe (just as a body might be buried rather than served as food) even as they're claiming to expose it to the world.

So, yeah, want me to tell you about how cannibalism is the key to understanding the literature of the Emerald Isle? You might have to wait for the book ... or you can buy me a drink at AP.