November 30, 2008

Breaking the silence

I've been traveling, so the posts have been more erratic than usual. Today, though, was a very good day (and not just because I didn't have to use my AK).

I went to Woodcraft and spent some money and talked some woodworking with the folks who worked there. That was good. Drove around Grad School City for a little while, taking in the changes (many, even upon cursory examination), remembering things I'd thought I'd forgotten (mostly about people I wronged, and those who done me wrong), dining with friends (a majority of the people who bother to read this, frankly), and watching and listening to the Steelers as they beat--as in, administered a beating to--the Patriots.

If you like football, you should turn the sound down on the tv when you watch it and listen to the local sportscasters on the radio if you can; it's so much better that way. They show no respect to the other team, and they slander the good guys mercilessly when they're playing poorly, as good fans must.

Anyhow, in honor of this victory, which I think establishes the Steelers as a team deserving of some respect at this point in the season in spite of their potentially crippling lack of offense, I offer you some vintage music from the Iron City. It's Joe Grushecky and the [Iron City] Houserockers from 1988:

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