November 23, 2008

Urkelvision Redux

Fifteen years ago or so, I moved into a tiny two-bedroom house with minimal furniture and a crappy little television. I had my first full-time job, no social life to speak of because I didn't know a soul, and a crappy little television. And on every one of the 3.5 channels I got over the air, Family Matters was in heavy syndication twenty-four hours a day. All Urkel, all the time. And I watched, God help me ... I watched.

Now I've got access to hundreds of channels, without even counting time-shifted Tivo, Amazon Unboxed movies, Netflix, etc., and tons of video on demand via the internet. And what does all of that capability give us? As far as I can tell, the ability to watch Scrubs, any season, any time we want to. It's beyond postmodern, if you ask me ... it's more pre-future. And at some point J.D. passed Urkel on the annoyance scale, though he's still way behind Elliot.

Did Joss Whedon sue them over this episode?

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