May 11, 2008


I don't much cotton to horoscopes and the like ... but my theory is that everybody has an accurate horoscope out there somewhere. It's just probably not an actual horoscope. In my case, as I discovered maybe ten years ago, the adventures of Ian "Professor Chinbeard" Cameron in Mary Worth seem occasionally to mirror my own wacky exploits. The physical resemblance is undeniable:

His lack of self-awareness is painful, though. Glad I don't have that problem!!!

But he's barely ever a character anymore--he shows up only in between stories--so I've had to sort of read creatively. The strip's attitude toward academics is just delightful, as you can see. I don't know who this wise and hirsute young assistant prof is, but he's definitely got it.

That panel is from years ago, but I've kept it with me all this time. I literally can't count the number of times that line has worked for me. Thank you, Mary Worth. Thank you.

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