May 04, 2008

Just a quick "heads up"

If anybody tells you Lantana is Australian for "laff riot," don't you believe it. It's pretty intense and thought-provoking, though. Usually, I don't go for the ensemble thing too much, but this one works and works well.

I'm not the biggest Anthony LaPaglia fan in the world by any means, and whatever that show is that he's on, I don't watch it (note the rhetorical move I'm making here, pretending that I didn't look it up on imdb ... because naming it would undercut the impression that I'm trying to make that I'm much too cool to watch that show, which let's face it one of the endless Matlock for boomers shows that are so popular these days). But A LaP rocked as Barry the Blade in The Client, which was okay. He really shows some range in this one I have to say ... from rage, to sorrow, to remorse, to indignation, and back again.

And lest you think somebody else who's not me is writing this, I have to point out that there is a veritable surfeit of hot grownup women in this film. Maybe not a surfeit, but certainly a plethora. I think a surfeit is more than a plethora.

Anyhow, if you missed it at the cineplex, rent Lantana sometime. It's a great date movie in the tradition of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ... and that's saying something.

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