May 23, 2008

Don't miss this

Tom wrote a lengthy and thoughtful comment in response to my inane and superficial post which is here. For the record, I just think that sentence is perfect, and the Heaney translation, being Irish, is clearly superior to all others.

+5 for discussing the film Beowulf without mentioning naked fake Angelina Jolie.

-20 for mentioning naked Anthony Hopkins.

My job is basically by contract friendless, so it's great to be engaging in conversation--be it one-sided, pretend, or otherwise--with the likes of him, and Mike, and--in the local vernacular--all o' yez.


Michael said...

I don't think you know that this gay man has a mad crush on Angelina Jolie (though oddly enough I haven't seen very many of her movies). I had a dream involving her and some hot oil and very few clothes and I just haven't been the same since. How many points off for me?

JB said...

I only wish that this were the first time I've pictured you, Angelina Jolie and some hot oil. Bonus points!