October 23, 2008

I need a henchman to help with my minions

We have so many animals in the house that I've seriously considering acquiring a monkey to serve as their overseer. That way I'd only have to deal directly with the monkey, who would presumably walk the dog, clean the litterboxes for the three cats, and vacuum up all the pet hair.

Something tells me, though, that the monkey would cause as many problems as it would solve.

This seems like a great opportunity to tell you about how my ex-wife was attacked by a monkey, but since there seemed to be little interest in the story last time I mentioned it, I won't bore you.

Pictured: Doc, the youngest of the cats.


Michael said...

You're gonna make us beg? That's never pretty.

Anonymous said...

I only wanna hear it if the monkey weighed more than 15 pounds. Otherwise, it's no better than being attacked by a cat or large bird.

Rosemary said...

Look, even the cat is begging, sitting up on its hind legs with its front paws in a gesture of supplication!