October 15, 2008

How'd you get here?

Most of you readers are regular readers, but every now and then some visitors stop by, misdirected by Google or some other search engine. So far today I've had two visits from TIAA-CREF, probably since I mentioned them in this morning's entry. I wonder how many Googlers they keep on staff to monitor their reputation in the b'og? Welcome, TIAA-CREF to the Wordshed!

Can you get people to notice you by mentioning them in your blog? Not Morgan Freeman, apparently. Maybe certain people, I don't know ... people who google themselves, or pay people to google them. Should we try a few? It's the opposite of stalking ... I want these people to stalk themselves, for me. I'm not even googling these people to see what they're up to these days (a semi-truth ... I had a bad feeling about Doug Henning, whom I was going to list here, so I looked him up and learned that he died a while back).

I would like to hear from Donnie Iris and/or Joe Grushecky. Drop in and say hi!

Who else? Louis Lipps and/or Bam Morris.

Norm Abram. Colum McCann. Linda Ronstadt.

The balls are in your courts, celebrities. Did I catch you googling yourself? Hey, it's okay ... everybody does it.

Generally I get one or two visitors a day looking for "Marion Ravenwood" photographs. This morning I had someone looking
for "make a better door than a window" "origin" ... I'll bet he or she was disappointed, though as it happens I am the creator of that phrase.

I could be misremembering that.

Someone found us yesterday by searching for "examples of irony in Led Zeppelin songs" (without the quotation marks, though now it will work even with the quotation marks).

Ain't life grand?

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