October 27, 2008

An open letter in which I get political

Dear Representative Paul Kanjorski,

I'm sorry to inform you that I won't be voting for you in the November election, because voting for you would indirectly reward your decision to plague my household--a household of three voting citizens--with automated phone calls. I'm not kidding.

We received three such calls--one for each of us, I suppose--over the weekend. The first, on Friday, was a hangup, which was convenient since I was in the middle of making a meatloaf and would not have had time to listen anyhow. Also, the phone kept slipping out of my hands, covered as they were with raw hamburger, eggs, bread crumbs, and my secret blend of herbs and spices (which tastes and looks suspiciously like A-1 sauce). If I didn't have caller ID, I'd simply blame one of my daughters' stupid friends ... but as it turns out, even hormone-crazed adolescents have more phone courtesy than you do. Rule 1: don't call me. Rule 2: If you call me, don't hang up on me. These rules are not just for you--they're almost universal.

Saturday's call, the second, was merely a minor annoyance. I was watching a movie on TCM and hoping Mike would review it so I could open up a can of snark on him. I listened long enough to verify that there was no human on the other end, and then hung up, after ordering my daughter to wash the dried dead cow and chicken embryos off the phone. Rule 3: If you call me and don't hang up on me, be a person and not a machine.

Jack Lemmon as Shelley "Machine" Levene

Sunday's call is the reason I respectfully will not vote for you in the coming election. It came during the Steelers-Giants game, specifically during the first-half goal line stand. The Steelers' finest moment in the game. Rule 4: Person or no, if you are not bleeding or on fire, do not call me during the game. Again, it's not personal.

Sir: do you know what state--nay, Commonwealth--you're representing? This is Pennsylvania, in the United States of KMA, and we spend our fall Sundays in prayerful contemplation of the Eagles and the Steelers. Your fake phone calls are not welcome.

Sir: do you have any understanding at all of the people you represent? Most of us answer ourown phones, and you do not. How about if I call you in your home on a weekend when you're making a meatloaf sometime? Would that be okay with you?

And don't just call me when you want something. Even my brother in law has more courtesy.

Sir: do you have any evidence, provided by somebody other than the people you're paying to automate these phone calls, that they work? I'm willing to bet that this strategy angers as many people as it persuades. For the sake of your continued tenure in office, I hope that most people are less irritated than I am.

You see, I want you to be re-elected, and I assure you I will not be voting for your opponent. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call sometime. Apparently you have my number.


Michael said...

Was the movie you watched Kiss Me Deadly, which is great, one of the prime noirs of all time, or The Rat Race with Debbie Reynolds and Tony Curtis, which I wouldn't watch on a bet? (I'm sorry I seem to have missed the Zappa film 200 Motels, which I think I saw way back when, but, as it will, memory fails in the face of a meeting between Zappa and Hollywood)

JB said...

Actually, it was The Mysterious Doctor, which is a glorified Scooby Doo movie, sans engaging animated teens and Casey Kasem.

Not big on Tony Curtis, I have to say.

I did catch Cop Hater (I'm a big Ed McBain fan) and Ghost Ship (not the recent horror film) ... both were good.

Anonymous said...

Do you have some way of selecting your security encryption? The reason I ask is the last couple of times it has gone from random fgh 78r to almost-words. Last time it looked like sdclwn; once it looked like jycefn; today it says cylabi.

Anonymous said...

now it says corturv. i don't know what that is.

JB said...

Jycefn, please corturv your cylabi.



JB said...

And no, I'm not doing that.