April 29, 2008

What I Love About Summer

It's not the sun ... it pretty much burns me on contact. So swimming or going to the beach was never a tremendous pleasure for me. I've never had occasion to walk on the beach at sunset, but I have done so at sunrise, and that's okay, once in a while. Add to that the fact that I wear glasses, so if I'm swimming, I can't see a damned thing ... even people watching is out.

And it's not baseball either. I tried, I swear I tried, to care about baseball on at least a couple of occasions, but to no avail. I enjoy going to a minor league game upon occasion, but it's not something I particularly look forward to or miss when I'm not doing it.

And it's not the bugs, or the time off when I had it, or the reruns. Mostly what I like is Sam Adams Summer Ale.

(I know some of you are disappointed that I've stooped to a product endorsement, but I assure you that I have no affiliation with the Sam Adams organization other than as a satisfied consumer.) Speaking of which, it's quitting time!

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