April 22, 2008

I believe in democracy and the earth

Here is evidence that I'm One Of The Good Guys. Yep, that's me, carrying the banner of democracy! At Earth Day! I may be a realist about the prospect of everybody deciding that they'll quit eating cows and pigs so that everybody else can eat too, or deciding to build more expensive buildings that will be cheaper in the long run rather than the short run, or generally deciding that the future is more important than the present and its petty gratifications, but that's only because I've lived among people my whole life. Most of them prefer comfort when they can get it.

Granted, most of the people I know who might be reading this (I can't comment about the thousands of others who for all I know are hanging on my every word!) are superior people. And they're not superior because I know them ... that would be a little like Shaw's definition of patriotism: "Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it." But I like to be around people I respect, and these are generally not the greener than thou types.

I know the good guys are sincere, but I also know they're outnumbered. The earth is going to win in the long run though, even if we don't like the way a win looks.

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