March 24, 2008

My gift to you

Today, my friends, I give the you the gift of a new word for your word-hoard:

Junkre: a type or category (as of art, film, music, literature, etc.) that is, by nature, crap.

This word is to be pronounced in a burlesque pseudo-French accent if at all possible. No offense to my burlesque psuedo-French readers is intended.

I coined this word about fifteen minutes ago in relation to the vampire romance junkre, and now I'm hoping it will propagate itself, erotic vampire style, across the universe. A cursory Google perusal--a "perugle," if you will--suggests that the coinage might be original. But if not, that's okay too.

I'm willing to let perugle go, if only my brainchild junkre can live.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Quick -- go to Urban Dictionary and make an entry! Be sure to add "originated by me on this date," for when the OED folks drop by.