March 19, 2008

My dog is the other kind of dog

A while back I took the cat to the emergency vet a couple of towns over. But that's not the story. Turns out we have a lot of porcupines around here (in fact, we've had one on our front porch), so it turns out there were several dogs in there having quills removed. He told me that he'd seen some of the dogs in there before, for the same reason. When I expressed surprise, he said, "Well, there are two kinds of dogs. Those that will learn, and those that won't."

I've got the second kind of dog. Not that she's encountered a porcupine. But it's storming, the first storm of the season. And she's sitting here shaking like proverbial leaf. She's inconsolable when there's thunder and has been for years, although no thunder has ever hurt her. If she were the first kind of dog, maybe she'd be able to piece it all together. And maybe I wouldn't be slipping her a mickey in the form of Benadryl wrapped in a slice of cheese.


summer* said...

one of my dogs does the same thing. every time. oddly enough he's the tough guy of the bunch. even tv thunder scares him.

when i read the 2 kinds of dogs part... the kind that learns and the kind that doesn't... i thought there was a life-comparison about to be made*

JB said...

Yeah, I was kind of going for that. Somebody asked me, "Which kind of dog are you?" Not sure I can answer that one.

summer* said...

really? i would think that would be an easy one to answer:)