March 31, 2008

A little more inappropriate self-disclosure

"Inappropriate self-disclosure" is something I heard somebody accuse somebody else of once, and, self-obsessed person that I am, I wondered if maybe I have ever been guilty of inappropriate self-disclosure. Nah.

When I was teaching, you see, I used the anecdote as a tool to get wandering minds to start listening to me again ... like watching hockey for the wrecks, or Nascar for the fights. People listen if they think you're going to say something scandalous. It was all well planned in advance.

So anyhow, I thought I'd provide a haircut update. A haircuptate, if you will. my barber told me today that he's retiring ... he's only cutting hair from nine to one. I went in at 12:15 and there were five guys waiting. I had to leave unshorn. Not normally worth discussing, but in light of the previous post, what the hell.

So I went to this great new topless salon across town.

Okay, no, I went to Quizno's for a sandwich, with my sloppy hair waving in the wind.

But anyhow, what I really wanted to document was that last night I dreamed I was staying at my cousin's place, and he wasn't there, and there were these two weird awful animals and I had to kill them. After that, I totally trashed his place; I don't know why. Then he came back, and he had my aunt and uncle and our grandmother with him. That was kind of awkward!

So now I can cross Tylenol 3 off my list, along with Percocet and all the other real painkillers ... do not take at bedtime! Although I do enjoy a good nightmare.

Style note: I'm going for more short paragraphs ... I think the long paragraphs put people off. They interfere with the whole surf/browse/don't actually read thing we do instead of reading now that we have the internet.

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