March 12, 2009

Wordpress Envy

Okay, no love for the format change ... I can understand that. I don't like it much either, especially since it has elements that I don't need and that don't work.

But I'm tired of the old, people. Let be be finale of seem, is what I'm saying.

So I'm thinking ... just thinking, mind you ... just kicking it around ... about seeing how Wordpress works, rather than Blogger. Because Wordpress looks a little cooler, a little more control freak-friendly. Just kicking it around. Any thoughts? any experiences?

By the way ... Bleak House is pretty damned good, it turns out. Especially on the Kindle (2)... easier to read in the growlery. If I must die (and empirically, I think I may be immortal ... so far so good!), one of the acceptable causes is spontaneous combustion. And if you've ever been around me when the Steelers are playing poorly, you know it's not that hard to imagine.

Just preferably not in the, uh, growlery, pace Elvis.


Anonymous said...

I may be misinformed, but I think that WordPress does not have the same search-engine ... um ... showing-up-ness as Blogger, because Blogger is run by Google. Therefore, WP may have cooler functions but you have to do more to make the blog search-engine maximized on WordPress. Also, if you have a good six or seven hours to kill, you can usually find any blogskin you like from WordPress converted into code for Blogger. On the other hand, WordPress does have may cool bells and whistles. So, good luck with that.

Code word: orsallyb

JB said...

Well, I kicked it around, actually copied the blog to see what it would look like and everything, and decided ehhhh, the hell with it. I'm staying here. I don't want to have to think about some of the options available in WP. Thanks for the good advice.

Rosemary said...

Actually, I like the new look, Jim (just been in midterm hell this week and unable to comment sooner). I especially appreciate the wider area for the text--I don't like the way the Blogger layouts mash the text into such a narrow space.

JB said...

I actually had to muck around with the template to get it wider. Still not totally happy, but it's coming along.

Anonymous said...

I like this one.

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