March 21, 2009


Hi gang ... Somebody named JB just posted a review of Twilight over at Whiskey Fire.


Michael said...

I remember Wolf Lake, but I am never going to see Twilight as long as I live. Don't know why the "but" is in there, as they are really 2 separate comments. Jet lag, maybe. And I'm still jonesin' for a vampire movie a la the Lugosi Dracula or the Dreyer Vampyre.

JB said...

I stand by my 30 Days of Night recommendation, though it's nothing like the films you mention.

I've also been reading the Joe Pitt novels by Charlie Huston ... some good ultraviolence, and witty too.

Michael said...

We saw 30 Days--it was OK for a modern-day vampire movie, but I dunno, my heart wasn't in it. Danny Huston was good.