March 31, 2009

Time and place are everything

First time I heard this song, I was in a rental car in Miami, Florida, in the eye of a relationship hurricane if you will, driving or riding--strange that I can't remember which--in sulking silence and listening to public radio. It must have been Sunday morning.

It's hard to describe ... even hard to remember ... how it struck me as something sublime.

The other classic Blind Willie Johnson recording is this one:


Tim L. said...

By the way - thanks for sharing some Blind Willie w/ me years ago. While he's not my favorite old blues guy, knowing "John the Revelator" adds depth to my appreciation for Gillian Welch's "Time the Revelator."

JB said...

I have a very specific memory associated with that one, too ... dueting with the woman I was dating.

For the record, I did the froggy part.