August 18, 2008

The Olympics!

You know I like to keep up with current events ... turns out the Olympics are going on. Woo Hoo! Okay, I'm not a big fan of this event. I've watched a few swimming events, and they were okay. The problem is that most of the sports I watch during the Olympics, I wind up watching for the wrong reasons: gymnastics, I mean, and beach volleyball ... stuff like that. Hey, I'm not a bad person ... I'm just not very good.

I also think that the anti-doping rules are just wrong. If I can have a elective hysterectomy in order to make myself more competitive (and yes, that's a big if, since I don't have a uterus or any of the accessories), then why not some performance-enhancing drugs?

And thank God they inviting those swimming caps ... otherwise our swimmers would be having their ears cut off in order to cut down on drag.


Michael said...

For the love of God, beach volleyball is NOT a sport! (I know you're watching it for the same reasons I'm watching men's gymnastics and men's diving, but I had to vent.)

BTW, that's not a smiley, it's just a period and a parenthesey.

I know, not a word. What the hell *is* a singular parenthesis part? For the love of God, Michael, take a nap!

JB said...

Ah, the "is this a sport?" debate surfaces again. I think it's a sport. See, they just wear the bikinis for efficiency and comfort. It's all about sloughing sweat and sand. Nothing salacious about it at all!

And the sport's aficionados know that it's important for the cameras to zero in on the player's scrawny butts as they bend over before the serve because they're flashing hand signals to the one who's about to serve. Hand signals! Honest!

Michael said...

Truth be told, I am convinced that beach volleyball is a sport. A hot sport. But I'm not sure it's an Olympic sport. But then again, why the hell should leaping over and scissoring your legs about a large wooden obstacle/sex toy called a "pommel horse" be an Olympic event, either?