August 07, 2008

Musical interlude

This song strikes me as one of those that's in a class by itself. I don't like the video, but it's the easiest way to direct your attention to the song. Feel free not to watch, just listen. I saw these guys on Conan O'Brien (I think) a while back, and the song just kind of blew me away ... kind of breaks my heart. I'm a sucker for that hillbilly harmony, as I've said.

You know I don't usually get political here, but here's a love song from Steve Earle with some possible subtle political overtones. Might be funnier in the overall context of Earle's oeuvre, which I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out.

Here's another cut from the same Steve Earle album that's not safe to crank up at work. It's also somewhat political and makes me love my country more than the Olympics.

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