August 12, 2008


Evidence of the essential nastiness of marsupials--courtesy of linguist, animator, software guy, writer, nature photographer, cultural observer and renaissance man Rodney Hill:

There. Is. No. God.

And check this one out:

As you can see in the detail below, it has birdseed up its nose. All creatures great and small, huh?

Writes Rodney:

The O’Possum clan, ... after eating, defecates all over the remaining food – looks like wet, mostly cylindrical, partially digested granola bars. Eli and I refer to them as “marpoopials.” Can one assume they intend to ward off other diners and return, in spite of the mess, to resume the meal later? I have no empirical evidence, but it is a theory.

Thanks, Rodney, for supplying this heartwarming image of interspecies harmony ... reminds me of a picture of heaven from the copy of Watchtower somebody gave me one time:

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Anonymous said...

I just gagged.