February 10, 2009

I Got to Ramble

The trip to Chicago was a short, happy little jaunt. The conference was reasonably valuable and only slightly tedious, and Chicago is a pretty cool destination. It would have been cool to have more time to look around.

Of course the high point was getting together with Bill, whom I hadn't seen since 1987 or so, and meeting his wife. This has been quite a year for getting together with people I've known for a very long time, including the Columbus contingent in November and cousin Tom (whom I've known since I guess 1965) last week. It's great knowing that one still has stuff in common with folks after all these years.

And now there's more travel in my future, since I'm traveling on behalf of my employer to Jordan at the end of this month. Very exciting! This is only my second trip abroad, the first being the trip to the Principality of Monaco, where my first wife was brutally attacked by a hair-eating monkey.

My understanding is that Jordan is relatively devoid of monkeys. But I would have thought the same of Monaco.

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