February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Chuck D.

Yesterday was Charles Darwin's birthday, and I forgot to get him anything. If you see him, fling some poo!

This is a fun link for Devo fans:

Devolve me!

Are we not men?


Anonymous said...

First, whatever happened to Chuck D.? Is he a mogul of some kind now?

Second, that photo is effing frightening.

Third, being a fan of interdisciplinary study, I was trying to draw some for-the-centuries parallel between Darwin and Lincoln sharing the same birthday. But then I got tired and Jon Stewart came on.

Secret word: racidses

JB said...

For the record I was talking about Darwin's birthday ... but I don't know about the real Chuck D, who's a hero to me.

Michael said...

Chuck D? He may have been a hero to most but he never meant sh*t to me.

(Ironic pop culture reference, BTW; I admire both Chuck D's under discussion, and am trying this very weekend to actually read some Darwin, which is a bit daunting.)