July 16, 2008

First Snow

An odd subject for July, I guess ... well, I just saw this film, and it was pretty darned good.

It's better than the trailer. Look: Guy Pierce. What else do I need to say? Oh, that's not enough? William Fichtner, baby. You know who he is whether you know it or not. Go look him up. And oh yeah--my hero, and my second choice to play me if Delroy Lindo turns down the role: J. K. Simmons (I grant you, he'd need to wear a wig).

Check this one out ... it's a film that's trying to be good and largely succeeding.

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Michael said...

A co-worker of mine loves this film which I had never heard of before she mentioned it. Apparently it was shot on location in Albuquerque where she has family, and she's heard stories about the charming Guy Pierce. Guess I may have to check this one out.