June 01, 2008

Where do I start?

There was a time when I essentially had Raiders of the Lost Ark memorized. Of course, novelty carried that film a long way, which is why neither of the next two came close to the first one.

But none of the first three Indiana Jones films was stupid. Crystal Skulls was stupid.

Look, I'd have to see it again to keep track of everything I didn't like about the film, and that's just not going to happen any time soon. I'd rather go see the Sex and the City film daily for the next three weeks than sit through the Indiana Jones film again. The story wasn't compelling, the characters were singularly uncharacterized, the editing was abysmal (several apparent incongruities and continuity problems), the action was implausible even by Indiana Jones standards. Implausible without being interesting or impressive. Honestly, this film would have been disappointing as a Goonies sequel.

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NYMary said...

I'm sorry, but you're wrong. Temple of Doom always sucked.

(And no, I'm not stalking you, but the airport is dull. I paid for this damn internet connection, and I'm going to use it.)