June 20, 2012

The 'Shed is on fire

Most of my recent blogging energy has, for good or ill, been devoted to my Official Work Blog, meager though it be ... but this morning I decided to take a look at the dashboard for the ol' Wordshed, and lo and behold, people keep visiting. Apparently there's this Google thing? It's like Bing, only people use it? Perhaps you've heard of it.

[Am I wrong about this? Am I the only one not Binging (bingeing, and whingeing, are different stories entirely)? Am I the only one still in possession of his/her Bing cherry?]


A veritable handful of people are visiting the Wordshed daily, it turns out.

Many are looking for advice about self-disclosure, inappropriate or otherwise. (Or maybe they're just hair-triggering "inappropriate selENA GOMEZ" in the Google suggestions.) Personally, I'm above such tempations (though not above these ones).

And the other day a visitor from Latvia visited the 'Shed to learn about "old empire style dresses." We're not on the first page of hits for that search, though this is. Which is a shame, because I think everyone agrees that this blog is a great source of fashion advice.

The point of all this simply this: I now realize that I have to blog. I owe it to the people. Stay tuned.

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Tom said...

The Shed, The Shed, The Shed is on fire, we don't need no water?