October 10, 2010

I am not a cinematographer

But I have just uploaded my first Youtube video. I just bought a new air compressor, mainly because I'm tired of carrying my 26 gallon compressor up and down the stairs or to somebody's house to help them out with something. I like it a lot, but it leaks a little too much for my taste. Some people are telling me that some leakage is to be expected, but it seems to me excessive. I hate to have to pack it up and take it back, but that might be where I am.


Rosemary said...

Don't I know you from the cinematographer's party?

JB said...

Thanks for reading, even commenting on, my lamest entry to date!

Rosemary said...

Well, I was curious about the video, since we also have a small air compressor, and I would have no idea how to tell if it were leaking or not. I guess it's cause the needle on the meter doesn't move that you think there's a problem? (She asked, undoubtedly demonstrating her deep ignorance of air compressors...)