May 05, 2009

Sunshine on a Stick!

Ah, the hard lessons of childhood: Pixie Stick powder, stirred in water, does not make Kool Aid. And healthy as it might be, nothing you freeze yourself is going to have the consistency of a popsicle:

I'm not even sure juice is that good for you anymore. Full of sugar, isn't it? I also remember "Timer" urging me to eat cheese all afternoon ... and cheese, correct me if I'm wrong, is basically congealed fat.

And if you're bored on a rainy day and want to do something fun, waiting for juice to freeze in the freezer might not be the greatest thing.

But did you catch those metal ice trays? Anybody else miss ice with jagged edges?


Michael said...

I really miss metal ice trays, and the little thing-a-majig that you would pull up on to break the cubes apart. I guess the plastic trays are easier, but not as much fun. Poor 21st century kids...

Tom said...

I hanker for a hunka
A slab, or slice, or chunka
I hanker for a hunka

Congealed and bacterially (and chemically?) altered milk fat, I believe. Everything is improved by a little culture, you know.

Rosemary said...

The sad thing is, I think I actually tried to "make sunshine on a stick" after seeing this as a kid.

BTW, don't forget that "a peanut butter sandwich any time of day's a treat." I'm just sayin'.

Word verification: "adism." A condition that causes you to try to make popsicles after watching a bad PSA.