April 21, 2009


Blanketly: this is a word I learned in a meeting yesterday ... as in, "we're not going to make these cuts blanketly." To be fair, the speaker was being grilled by an angry mob, or what passes for one at my place of work.

I also listened to a colleague describe an upcoming "Supposium." This one I like ... it suggests a group of people gathered together to discuss the possibilities. Maybe that's just the kind of outside-the-box thinking we need, where the rubber meets the road.


Tim L. said...

Supposium is a much more elegant term for a brainstorming session than, well, "brainstorming session." I like it. Besides, if one were to take the results of the supposium and create some written repository, then it would, of course, be a suppository (with all the medicinal and healthful connotations that word carries).

Tom said...

Tim L. has apparently beaten me to the joke, but that fact simply seems to indicate the degree to which this blog and its comments may already function as a kind of virtual/textual supposium, I suppose.

Should I worry that the WVW (that's "word verification word") is "grave"?

Michael said...

Why don't you just take it to the next level--it's a no-brainer!! God, I hate those two phrases!!!

NYMary said...

I think, as a holder of a PhD in English, you're technically allowed to tase people who make up words in meetings.

At the very least, it should be a valid legal defense.

(My WVW is "ausnal," which I gather is a person with a speech impediment discussing a popular British football team.)

Rosemary said...

Well, I see Wordshed has degenerated into the virtual "Friday breakfast at Bernie's," which was, come to think of it, the original Supposium.

[WVW: "portlep." An off-brand porta-potty, no doubt.]

JB said...

That's what I've been going for ... a cross between Bernie's and my favorite freshman comp opening monologues... depending how many people are talking, of course.