December 09, 2008

The Pros of Downsizing

Saw a piece on The Today Show earlier (or, as they act like you're supposed to call it, Today--because yes, NBC owns the f---ing DAY) ... and yes, I did see the piece TODAY, on Today, and if you type that word enough, it stops even looking like a word, which is so far all I've done of note TODAY.

Except, see, there was this story on how food companies are reducing the size of their products to avoid having to raise the prices. Apparently this is some kickass marketing ... even though it costs a lot of money in retooling to change the portions and the packaging, it's cheaper than the loss of sales would be if they raised the prices. We saw this with coffee a while back, of course. A three pound coffee can now only has, what? 7.3 ounces of coffee in it? Before you ask, yes, I did have my coffee this morning.

It probably sounds like I'm on some AndyRooney-esque rant here, but no--even though the only part of me that's old so far is my eyebrows, which are frankly out of control, so Andy and I have that in common if nothing else--I think downsizing the food is a good thing. Because it's the processed food that's getting downsized, and frankly most of it is melamine, rat turds, and corn syrup.

Downsize away!

Hell, even real food (i.e. meat) undergoes a little downsizing when you cook it. Especially the fat-laden hormone-impregnated fake meat product they sell you now. A quarter pound precooked weight winds up being about an ounce.

If they fried me up, I'd wind up weighing about 38 pounds probably.


Anonymous said...

Heh. You said "retooling."

Rosemary said...

Mmmm...."melamine, rat turds, and corn syrup"--I sense some holiday baking coming on!

Tom said...

I'm going to have to look into frying up as a weight loss strategy. Especially after the holiday baking.