September 25, 2008


Lately I've been kind of fascinated by futility. It's why I keep trying to play the guitar. But that's another story entirely.

I hereby propose this brief clip as an apt metaphor for ... hmm ... I don't know what. Something besides itself, certainly.

If I apply the method I used in my dissertation to an interpretation of this video, it's all about the cat.


Michael said...

Trippy video. As far as it being all about the cat, I recall that Tom once spent the better part of an hour arguing that the key to House of the Seven Gables was the little boy who comes in to buy candy.

JB said...

A medievalist reading American literature? Don't let Dan hear about this.

Unknown said...

Since I've given up being (or trying to be) a medievalist, I now heartily endorse the reading of American literature (which is not to say I read much of it). Let the pigeons loose!

Tom said...

No comment on the Hawthorne; I'll just note that 'futility' is just one one 'f' away from 'utility.' Maybe there's hope for your guitar yet.

And I not only read American literature sometimes (still), but now I read comics, too.