September 15, 2008

Are you ready for some racism?

Anybody else watching Monday Night Football?

They're promoting Hispanic Heritage month tonight.

Anybody else notice that after they presented a replay called by a Spanish language announcer, one of the 'merican speaking announcers said something like,

"I took high school Spanish, either he said he's not going to be caught, or please pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow."

Awful Announcing attributes the line to Tony Kornheiser. (What do they teach their English students up there in Binghamton?) I don't even know that it was him ... I don't know their voices that well.

So, mmm, well, whoever it was, I wonder what exactly he meant with that dry cleaning crack? Probably nothing, but he did apologize in the 2nd half for something he absolutely shouldn't have said earlier, and I guess that must have been it. Wonder if he flashed on Howard Cosell at all while his mouth was talking?


JB said...

I don't even know that it was he. Dammit.

Independent Researcher said...

OK. You mentioned my man Cosell. To set the record straight, Howard Cosell DID NOT say "Look at that little monkey run" when he was referring to Redskins wide receiver Alvin Garrett. Cosell made this remark 11 years earlier in 1972 in reference to a play by Kansas City Chiefs Mike Adamle. It was 1983 on Monday Night Football when Cosell made his comment about Alvin Garrett which was "That little monkey gets loose doesn't he."

I am still looking for a sound byte or video clip of Howard Cosell saying "Look at that little monkey run" contained in the preseason 1972 K.C. Chiefs @ Giants 07/29/72 "Hall of Fame" Game. Can anyone locate the actual clip?