July 01, 2008

What went wrong with me

The first time I saw this, it blew my mind.

I mean, it's a capital "I." It's the human condition. This may be the most profound thirty seconds of music there is. What the HELL were they trying to do to us?

My concept of identity has never been the same.

And do you love the folksy harmony on "busy afternoon"?


NYMary said...

Personally, I preferred Wanda the Witch, who washed her wig on Windy Winter Wednesdays, but that was more of a tone poem.

Maybe it's a chick thing.

--S. said...

Oh, I'm with you on this one. I *love* the Capital I bit. I think I'll watch that when I get home tonight.

JB said...

The Lower Case n song is also on Youtube, and it's very sweet and touching ... same musician, same style.

Unknown said...

If only it were a capital "U" song. Just think of the altruistic paradise we children of the 70s might have created. Instead, I learned "the most important person in the whole wide world is [me], and I hardly even know [me]."