July 18, 2008

By imaginary popular demand

I mentioned this classic Elmers song a while back, and for the sake of closure I decided to float it here. I misspelled the name intentionally in order to slip it by the censors ... but if you say "Pawn Mime" in a good Chollllston accent it sounds almost like the real title.

Nothing pawnographic here, folks ... just some anti-mime sentiment. It's important that we don't necessarily hate mimes; this could be a kind of dramatic monologue. It really could be.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

I agree--no mime-hatred here. It's all about the speaker's self-loathing, which, ironically and unwittingly, he is forced to give voice to only when confronted by the mime's silence. Actions and attitudes he witnesses (e.g., the mime's casualness, "leaning on the air") he quickly identifies with and internalizes ("ask me if I care"), and his fantasizing about violently forcing the mime to speak only bespeaks the "interrogation" of his own subjectivity to which the mime's existence as silent/violent "other" subjects him.