March 26, 2009

Satan on skates

It's been a busy week so far. I went to a hockey game last night and felt like I was at home somehow. That's not a comment on the level of combat in my home ... maybe I should said I was in my milieu.

"Hockey arena" and "milieu" aren't usually adjacent in my thoughts, I must admit. But: while there I saw ads for "The Dead," who will be playing there next month, and yes, I'll be attending. I haven't been excited about the show, but en route to our seats we saw a poster, with a variation on the "steal your face" image, and I gotta tellya, it got me going.

They were also selling a lot of Celtic-themed Penguins merchandise, which needless to say I liked. Though not enough to buy.

The game was good. The Satan of my title is, of course, Miroslav Satan. Not the other guy. Anybody for a "when hell freezes over" joke?

Forgot to mention: I received a substantive comment on a past post. Check it out!

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