January 20, 2009

The box says, "Shut up Steve."

Thin-skinned woman vs. doofus: who ya got?

This commercial--what cereal is it even for?--irritates the crap out of me. Because it's clearly supposed to be obvious to the viewer that the guy is a dumbass, even though a fairminded viewer must admit that the woman is a cup of coffee or two past rational thought.

The original commercial is apparently British:

Ah, hell. All I really have is that I hate this damned commercial. His face, her face. Ugh.

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Rosemary said...

I totally hate that commercial, too--which of those two ninnies am I supposed to "identify" with, and why?

However, I saw another commercial for the first time last night that has now bumped this one from the top of my "hate" list: the one for "Cakesters" 100-calorie packs, where a herd of screaming women charge into the streets and mob the delivery truck.